Leslie Ogden is the founder of TrueClean Pro LLC. She was in the Financial Services industry for 22 years and after her former company reorganized, she found the perfect opportunity to pivot into a new career. Leslie has enjoyed spas, salons & boutiques all over the country and always maintained an interest in a career within one of these businesses. 

Leslie immersed herself in understanding these businesses and found a common need for better practices in controlling bacteria and viruses not only in these industries but in any workplace as well as in homes. Ironically, Leslie identified this need well before the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Her timing could not have been better.   

Leslie partners with Doug Duerr in this business and in their life together. Doug also worked in the Financial Services industry for another company for close to 30 years.

Together, through much product research, market research, investment and testing, they were able to develop The Wand-It™. It is manufactured to true specifications of UVC disinfection levels to kill bacteria and germs on surfaces that would otherwise replicate. The WandIt™ is environmentally safe and has a gravity sensor so that when turned at a 90-degree angle, turns off automatically to avoid exposure to eyes or skin.

Leslie resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has six siblings. She loves daily walks with her dogs, Gracie & Bella, playing tennis with Doug, practicing yoga, spending precious time with girlfriends and finds something to be grateful for everyday.



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