The Wand-I­t™ - $99.95

The Wand-It™ allows you to quickly and effectively disinfect high touch areas at your workplace such as desks, doorknobs, keyboards, mouse & phones. It also sanitizes areas in your home such as kitchen surfaces, tables, chairs, light switches, cell phones and so much more!

The Wand-It™ is powered by a strong UVC light that attacks the cell walls of bacteria and viruses. The UVC light technology renders microorganisms unable to reproduce thereby effectively  eliminating the replication of germs, bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses with no harmful chemicals.


Bringing a new level of clean to your workplace and home

Cutting edge UVC technology to keep your workplace & home clean as well as your co-workers, clients & family safe


UVC Light - A Better Alternative to Chemicals

Effective: Kills replication of bacteria and fungus

Efficient: Quickly disinfects products and surfaces

Eco-Friendly: Reduces waste generated by single-use cleaning products


"What I love about TrueClean is it's getting us away from chemicals by using a product in our salon that is environmentally friendly."


Samantha Glunt, Owner, Julia James Salon

“The bottom line is, The Wand-It™ will help me ensure that I am keeping my clients safe and healthy and also that it helps my businesses' bottom line by reducing the turnaround time of getting the products back on the sales floor from 3 days to within 10 minutes."


Adele Morelli, Owner, Boutique La Passerelle

Why do business with us?

CLICK HERE to meet Leslie Ogden, Founder of TrueClean.

We have designed The Wand-It™ to meet the daily cleaning demands in your workplace as well as your home. The Wand-It™ was built precisely to meet true UVC disinfection standards. Unfortunately, many UVC products in the market today are making false claims. The Wand-It™ is a product of well proven technologies that have been used for decades.

After considerable testing, we are proud to introduce The Wand-It™. This device has been thoroughly vetted to meet the specific standards for UVC disinfecting capabilities. We stand firmly behind the quality and the proficiency of The Wand-It™.

Member of the IUVCA 

(International Ultraviolet Association Inc.)


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