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Bringing a new level of clean to your workplace and home

Cutting edge UVC technology to keep your workplace & home clean as well as your co-workers, clients & family safe

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UVC Light - A Better Alternative to Chemicals

Effective: Kills 99.99% of bacteria and fungus

Efficient: Quickly disinfects products and surfaces

Eco-Friendly: Reduces waste generated by single-use cleaning products

The Wand-I­t™

The Wand-It™ allows you to quickly and effectively disinfect high touch areas at your workplace such as desks, doorknobs, keyboards, mouse & phones. It also sanitizes areas in your home such as kitchen surfaces, tables, chairs, light switches, cell phones and so much more!

The Wand-It™ is powered by a strong UVC light that attacks the cell walls of bacteria and viruses. The UVC light technology renders microorganisms unable to reproduce thereby effectively  eliminating 99.99% of germs, bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses with no harmful chemicals.



"What I love about TrueClean is it's getting us away from chemicals by using a product in our salon that is environmentally friendly."

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Samantha Glunt, Owner, Julia James Salon

“The bottom line is, The Wand-It™ will help me ensure that I am keeping my clients safe and healthy and also that it helps my businesses' bottom line by reducing the turnaround time of getting the products back on the  sales floor from 3 days to within 10 minutes."

Click here to see how Adele uses The Wand-It™ in her Boutique.

Adele Morelli, Owner, Boutique La Passerelle

Why do business with us?

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We have designed The Wand-It™ to meet the daily cleaning demands in your workplace as well as your home. The Wand-It™ was built precisely to meet true UVC disinfection standards. Unfortunately, many UVC products in the market today are making false claims. The Wand-It™ is a product of well proven technologies that have been used for decades.

After considerable testing, we are proud to introduce The Wand-It™. This device has been thoroughly vetted to meet the specific standards for UVC disinfecting capabilities. We stand firmly behind the quality and the proficiency of The Wand-It™.

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